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Ekiciler Makine Sanayi Limited Şirketi

Who We Are

Our Company

Ekiciler Makina Sanayi was established as one of the leading companies in Turkey's leading oil machinery and agricultural machinery production, manufacturing sector, and has been operating in this field for years.

Boutique herb olive oil machines for small-scale farms, olive washing and leaf sorting units, semi-automatic olive harvesting equipment, continuous olive oil production plants system for large-scale farms, seed oil press machines for small-scale producers, industrial oils machines for large-scale producers, oil filtering machines, oil filling machines, cream filling machines, industrial oil production lines, biodiesel production machines, black seed pressing machines, sesame oil pressing machines, coconut oil pressing machines, linseed oil pressing machines, chia seed pressing machines, pressing machines, sunflower We have produced and manufactured many kinds of machinery, equipment and plant solutions such as oil processing lines, hemp oil processing lines, corn oil processing lines, rosehip oil processing lines.

What We Do

Our Vision and Our Mission

Our company produces machinery and turnkey industrial facilities with various production advantages. Our international compliance framework company is among the few leading companies in the world producing oil machines with cold press technology. We build oil production facilities from A to Z.
Our company is committed to customer-oriented development and developing the world's most advanced oil press machines and grain processing machines. In order to reach the most advanced level of the sector in this field, we often carry out R&D studies to produce more efficient machines.