Olive Oil Machine 400KG

Olive Oil Machine 400KG

Boutique - Compact System







Olive Oil Machine 400KG

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Olive Oil Machine 400KG - Boutique - Compact Model

The increase of agro-business across the globe has sometimes negative effects on humans. Agricultural products produced fast and in high capacity may become an unhealthy, unnatural product.

As EKİCİLER MAKİNE, we decided to produce a machine that is environment-friendly and in accord with the organic agriculture sector standards for our world where organic agriculture becomes more and more widespread. As you know, boutique olive oil production has a limited quantity in terms of production as a result of intensive labor. The quality and natural formations are in direct proportion with the production labor performed. The machine that we produced enables oil to protect its quality by processing the olive with cold press technique.

Why Olive Oil Machine 400 KG Boutique – Compact Olive Oil Machine ?

 Olive Oil Machine 400KG is an compact machine processing approximately 350-400 kg olive paste in an hour and designed exclusively for boutique olive oil manufacturers.

-It is suitable for organic production conditions.

-It processes the olive by protecting the beneficial elements and does not cause oxidation.

-Thanks to its double malaxing units, it is possible to process different kinds of olives with different malaxing units at the same time.

-Thanks to heating system of malaxing units, olive paste is processed in intended temperature.

-Decanter has been designed to provide minimum olive oil residual in residue container.

 Olive Oil Machine 400KG  has been designed to be operated by only one personnel and it provides labor-saving to the manufacturer.

-As it is a portable machine, it can be moved to intended location with the aim of its wheels.

-Boutique type olive oil machines are environment friendly, glaucoma waste cannot be discharge from the system directly.

-All surfaces contacting with the food have been manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel.